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Buying Guide

An easy guide to choosing materials, measuring sofas and chairs, the doors they fit through and the rooms they go in.

Selecting Your Sofa

Selecting your sofa and chair for your home is an important decision and it should not be difficult. Here are a few suggestions we can offer that might help to make the process a little easier for you. At John Michael Sofas we can help you to ensure that your selection is exactly what you want and that you are completely happy with your choice. We make a special effort at John Michael Sofas to give as much support as possible at the early selection stage by offering free fabric samples to help you to finalise your colour choice and fabric style.

Our user friendly website enables you to see different sofa styles, fabrics and leathers online, and to check dimensions to ensure the pieces will fit through doorways and sit comfortably in your room.

Sizing and Proportion

All our sofas and chairs come in a range of different sizes, such as Maxi, 4-seater, Midi, 3-seater and 2-seater sofas, snuggler chairs, wing chairs and accent chairs, so there is something for everyone and for every size of room.

Full dimensions are given for all sofas and chairs. Allow for space taken up by the depth from the wall etc. It may be helpful to use objects such as tape, newspaper or cardboard cutouts so you can explore options that will allow adequate space for furniture, tables, leg room, traffic areas, and clearance from fans etc.

Remember, when you are considering getting sofas through doorways all our 4-seater and maxi sofas are made in two pieces and delivered that way for easy handling and access. Look at each collection’s specification sheets for details.

Selecting Leathers and Fabrics

Sometimes it can be difficult to select a leather or fabric without experiencing the actual look and feel in your own hands. To overcome this limitation when buying online, we will send Free Material Samples to your home! If you are unsure about the fabric or leather for your new sofa, simply order your choice of Free Leather & Fabric Samples now.